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More Things to Worry About on Thursday
High-up British police officials have proposed that dog-handling cops show a little restraint when cornering perps because some perps might, y'know, be allergic to dog hair, etc. . . . . . Parents in Milford, Mass., are damn tired of that serial pantyhose litterer who uses a school bus stop as a drop-off point (and the only clue they have is that the hose seem to be always be black and "queen-size") . . . . . Alcohol-masker or teeth-whitener? A DUI suspect sitting at a cop's desk grabbed a bottle of correction fluid and sucked some down just before his breath test (still, .28) . . . . . A New Zealand judge turned a 9-yr-old kid over to child welfare officials when he found out the parents had named her Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii . . . . . Once a month at the People's Improv Theater in NYC, there is the Naked Comedy Showcase, where the stand-ups (and half the audience, if they want) are nude (seriously). Today's Newsranger: Bob Pert
     Posted By: Chuck - Thu Jul 24, 2008

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