The Wyoming Cheese House

Oct 16, 2001: In Powell, Wyoming, artist Cosimo Cavallaro covered a house inside and out with government-surplus pepperjack cheese. He melted the cheese and then sprayed it on with a pump.

Photographer Dan Cepeda, who was assigned to cover the event, offered this commentary:

Specifics of many assignments fade over the years, but what will never fade is the unbearable stink of rancid fake cheese slamming me in the face with vomit-inducing intensity. I've got a strong stomach. I've survived some pretty brutal scents in my life. This one nearly got me.

The house was put on display for two weeks and then demolished.

More info: Cosimo Cavallaro

Casper Star-Tribune - Oct 9, 2016

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I think I'will never eat another cheeseburger ...
Posted by KDP on 07/07/20 at 09:24 AM
@KDP: good idea. Better make your own hamburger (or bifteck à l'Allemande, if you will) and put some real cheese on it. Preferably actual Cheddar from England, or belegen Goudse from Holland. Much better than Genuine Cheez® Product.
Posted by Richard Bos on 07/11/20 at 09:22 AM
Richard, there is a problem obtaining some cheeses from foreign countries in the U.S., mainly due to the fact that they are living foodstuffs. I prefer to use a cheddar made by the Tillamook Dairy Company based in the state of Oregon. Their quality is consistent and the only ingredients used are milk, salt and culture bacteria. One does not need anything more to make a good cheese.
Posted by Kevin Pottorff on 07/11/20 at 10:38 AM
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