Arrow Dipping

Not since "Wooden Bridge Inspection" has boredom reached such glorious heights (or depths).
     Posted By: Paul - Thu Mar 29, 2012
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'arrow dipping'
'lots of liquid'
'have your buddy hold it'
And still it was a boring clip!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 03/29/12 at 09:10 AM
I agree, if your last name is Fletcher this could be one handy gizmo but what had me held spellbound was all the different colors! This dynamic attribute of The Arrow Dipper was never explained. In fact, it was never even mentioned! What mystery is being hidden here that only those initiates are allowed to be made privy to?

I've delved into this mystery, at length, and found that there are a myriad (at least 2) of fakes and wanna-bes out there but they lack the depth of our mysterious omnichromatic Arrow Dipper. I'll be keeping all the members (sorry, Guests) appraised of my findings in the hours, days, and weeks ahead until this mystery has been plumbed to it's true depth.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 03/29/12 at 10:49 AM
The real mystery is why did he omit the crucial last step of watching the paint dry?
Posted by Guest on 03/29/12 at 12:26 PM
Sorry but this just doesn't come close to the excruciating, near hour-long (if I remember correctly) bordom from "Wooden Bridge Inspection". That is the platinum standard that shall probably never be surpassed.

Anyone that suggest otherwise should probably have some beautifully dipped arrows sent their way.
Posted by Robb of Warren on 03/29/12 at 01:06 PM
Just for newcomers who missed it, here is the infamous, standard-setting boredom video, TIMBER BRIDGE INSPECTION:
Posted by Paul on 03/29/12 at 02:14 PM
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