Cats Eyes Removed

The Suffolk County Council has decided to get rid of the road signs that warned motorists, "Cats Eyes Removed." Too many people, especially tourists, thought the signs were warning of the imminent blinding of felines, instead of referring to the reflective road markers known as 'cats eyes.'

The new signs will read, 'Caution - Road Studs Removed.' Though locals are complaining about that because none of them have ever heard of a 'road stud.'

More info:

Another potentially confusing UK sign — the ones that warn of 'Humped Zebra Crossing.'

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     Posted By: Alex - Mon Aug 21, 2017
     Category: Signage

Excessively masculine drivers - Beware! - you are slated for removal.
Posted by RobK on 08/21/17 at 10:31 AM
"Two peoples separated by a common language" comes to mind.
Posted by Virtual on 08/21/17 at 09:09 PM
"Adverse Camber" signs are often accurate and confusing at the same time:
Posted by Floormaster on 08/22/17 at 07:58 AM
If you think "cats' eyes removed" refers to actual cats, you shouldn't be on the road in the first place.
Posted by Richard Bos on 08/24/17 at 12:40 PM
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