Chuck’s Hand-Picked Overnight Weird News for Monday

Strip-searching a 13-yr-old girl in school, to see if she has ibuprofen, is unconstitutional
. . . er, that is, by a vote of 6 to 5 (among the judges of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit). Hey, it was prescription-strength ibupofen they were looking for, said the dissenters! Plus, said the dissenters, there was an informant! (We all know how reliable middle-school students are!) Arizona Daily Star
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Urban legend come to life, sorta
A woman named Patches Wegmann, 22, was arrested in Houma, La., for supposedly making two men light-headed after they sniffed the perfume she said she was selling on the street. But neither man was robbed, so it's not quite the urban legend. Houma Today
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A "multimillion dollar industry with professional dealers": collecting, er, famous people's hair
Westport, Conn., collectibles dealer John Reznikoff buys and sells the usual gamut of postage stamps, first editions, things like that, but his prize possession ($500K, he says) is a strand of Abe Lincoln's hair, taken on his deathbed. He has lots more but can't afford to display the inventory in his shop: "I'm concerned clients might not take me seriously if they see me selling [hair]." Che Guevara's went at auction last year for $119K. Reznikoff appraised locks that Britney Spears had hacked off (during her fit last year): $3.5K. New York Times
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Nashville's best-kept secret: Police can tranquilize perps at will
A WSMV-TV investigation surprised nearly everyone when it reported that for almost two years now, police have had discretionary authority to inject the drug Midazolam (aka Versed) into unruly perps. That's an off-label use; it's normally an anesthetic for, e.g., colonoscopies. (Bonus: It induces amnesia and so has the added benefit of being unchallengeable legally 'cause you can't remember what the hell happened to you) WSMV-TV via MSNBC
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Opera for the deaf
We at Weird Universe are all for creating mainstreaming opportunities for the disabled, but these guys in Finland are facing quite a challenge. Certainly, Signing will help, but still . . . the producer specifically said he needed "a baritone [and] a soprano." Reuters via
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Japan's killer work ethic strikes again
Another man has died for Chuck's Camry, sorta. A local gov't organization ruled in June that a worker's 2006 death was because Toyota made him work too hard: up to 114 hours a month of overtime (in Japan, unpaid!) in the six months before he bought the farm. (Last year, the widow of another Toyota worker, who died in 2002, won compensation for his wrongful death caused by overwork.) Washington Post
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Super-concierge service at a Canadian hotel
Lawyers and the judge were flabbergasted when a woman stood up in a Moncton, New Brunswick, courtroom and said she was there to represent a man to request a postponement of his hearing. Was she his lawyer? No. Then? The man was staying at the Delta Beausejour hotel and had called down to the desk to ask a staff member to please run down to the courthouse for him. Moncton Times & Transcript [3rd story]
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Your Daily Loser
Name unknown (he got away), but there he is on video at a drug store in Port Richey, Fla., handing the clerk a robbery note, only he apparently forgot to write anything at all on the paper, and the clerk, sensing the man's loserhood, called 911 right in front of him, sending him scurrying. St. Petersburg Times
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People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Police curtailed the string of performances of John Clifford, 30, in the lobby of the Velvet Mills apartment house (Manchester, Conn.), in which he would cavort in socks and baseball cap and, er, enjoy himself, after he had pillaged the laundry room for women's undies. Hartford Courant
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More Things to Worry About on Monday
Police in Pontiac, Mich., believe that the reason a man shot in the mouth is still alive is because his braces deflected the bullet . . . . . A woman parking her car in Athens, Ga., opened the door to lean out and talk to another driver, but fell out and ran over herself (she survived) . . . . . Windsor Hills Baptist Church (Oklahoma City) canceled the annual semiautomatic assault rifle giveaway it holds for teenagers (to bring more kids into the pews) . . . . . The local school board in La Mesa, Calif., is sensing a problem with Helix High, in that four (4) teachers now have had student-sex issues in less than two yrs. Today's Newsrangers: Bob Pert, Josh Levin, Joel Walz, Ginger Katz, Roger Gulbransen
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     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Jul 14, 2008

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