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February 27, 2012

(datelines from February 17 or later) (links correct as of February 27)

Hong Kong: The Guizhentang pharmaceutical company is looking to expand (by 3x) the size of its bear-bile-farming operation. Bear bile is thought to be a magic curative for many illnesses (and according to the farmers, bears couldn't be prouder to give it up) (sedated) (with long-ass syringes). New York Times

San Francisco: The state Administrative Office of the Courts is collecting demographic data on all judges in the state, to encourage diversity in the selection of 50 new ones. (But they can't ask about "sexual orientation," can they?) (Yes.) The Weekly Standard

Columbia Heights, Minn.: A cop noticed that Eric King, 21, seemed to be shuffling along with the gait of someone 101 rather than 21. (It was that 19-inch TV in his pants, along with remote and power cords, from a shoplifting.) KSTP-TV (St. Paul)

Cayce, S.C.: I know how you and I can make some money! Let's scam an insurance company! Ummm, I'll handle the paperwork, and you . . your job is to let me chop off your hand, OK? WIS-TV (Columbia)

Wasilla, Alaska: Two local artists displayed their sculpture, "Warrior Within," at Wasilla High, but yanked it after three days. It's a pair of shields, surrounded by feathers, and according to people up in Palinville, it looks too much like a hoo-hah [image Completely Safe For Work]. Mat-su Valley Frontiersman (Wasilla)

Jacksonville, Fla.: The convenience store "robber" fled empty-handed. He was armed, well, he was pointing his finger like a gun under his shirt. (Bonus: You know you've failed if, in the course of a "robbery," a customer breaks out laughing.) Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville)

St. Paul, Minn.: Busted! Prosecutors found at least 104 cops from 18 agencies who accessed the kinda-cute Anne Marie Rasmusson's records on the official-business database. (Her lawyer: Cops treated the confidential database like it was Facebook.) City Pages (Minneapolis)

Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Can't possibly be true, but Judge Mark Martin, in a December ruling that only last week drew national attention, absolved a Muslim of harassing an atheist (dressed as Zombie Muhammad at the Halloween parade). Judge Martin, an Islam convert, said Islam basically requires Talaag Elbayomy to snatch Ernest Perce's sign out of his hand, First Amendment be damned.. The Sentinel (Carlisle, Pa.) [via Jonathan Turley blog]

Fayetteville, N.C.: Anthony McDaniel, 47, had to come back all the way from Texas (where he now lives) just to answer a charge that he once embezzled food from his employer, the Skibo Skillet (meatballs, anchovy dip, etc., total value, $208). (Bonus: Skibo Skillet's out of business, but so what?) Greensboro News-Record

Croydon, England.: Three widely-admired, 30-year-old trees were ordered chopped down. One person had warned the Council that the trees' berries, lying on the ground, were slippery and that someone might get hurt. This Is Croydon Today

Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Charles Hersel was acquitted. He may well have paid high school students to spit in his face and slap him, but since it wasn't for "sexual gratification," he gets off (so to speak). KTLA-TV (Los Angeles)

Gosport, England: Man had a seizure in 3 ft. of water and drowned. Cops, firefighters arrived on scene . . and watched.. (They're not trained in water rescue; the firefighters trained in wading were on their way.) Daily Telegraph

Washington, D.C.: Under the District of Calamity wonderland's contracting rules, David Wilmot qualifies for special consideration as "economically disadvantaged." (Outside of D.C. contracting rules, he's one of the fattest-cat lobbyists in town.) Washington Times

Salt Lake City:: They're trying hard in Mormonia to respect the rights of non-believers, so much so that a bill winding through the state legislature requires that at least two members of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission be certified drinkers. New York Times

Houston, Tex.: KTRK-TV reported on Wednesday the arrests of both Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor (he, stealing from a CVS, she, drug possession). KTRK-TV /// KTRK-TV

Brisbane, Australia: Defrauding is still a crime even if your victim is a Nigerian scammer. Courier Mail (Brisbane)

Washington, D.C.: C'mon, who doesn't respect our returning troops? Well . . (1) The number-one violator of federal job-security law for returning war veterans is . . federal agencies (18% of all complaints). (2) If the war zone messes you up psychologically, at least you get free treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder the Army tries to diagnose you with Personality Disorder, a "pre-existing condition," leaving you discharged and benefitless. Washington Post /// New York Times

Editor's Note: That last story was pretty harsh. Here, relax a bit, with some Japanese Fart Art.

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     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Feb 27, 2012

Bear Bile Why not? A lot of Western people think wearing deer piss is sexy. (Musk)

Mexafornia Judge Selection As long as they don't understand ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT they should be OK.

Wasilla, Alaska "Hoo-Ha"? I couldn't even find the feathers!

Anne Marie's File The cold effects people that way.

Meatball Embezzler $208 isn't just petty theft?

Fart Scrolls These would have been a lot different if Bics had been invented back then.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 02/27/12 at 10:06 AM
bear bile- Just disgusting.

Judges- Cali has effectively seceded just by being so far from reality. We all just sit and shake our heads and laugh, they are on their own planet out there.

handless scam- OMG! @ heads may be better than 1 but apparently 3 heads and IQ sharply drops...

Art- The kids are ruling the roost there. They say a pre-approved, expensive piece of art looks like a vagina and the parents go crazy and bully the principal to cover it up. Hell, most of those kids (the boys anyway) haven't even seen a vagina to compare with.

cops & pics- Yes, I am sure this is the first time this ever happened too. How many cops, do you think, looked over Marilyn Monroe's naked crime scene photos from her suicide? Or every pretty girl who dies or gets arrested in scanty dress.

Islamic Judge- It will be overturned on appeal, unless the pc police have made Islam entirely untouchable.

trees- Great Britain has become crazy land.

drowning- See above.

names- A lesson folks, just because you name your child after a celebrity that does not mean the kid will grow up to look like one.

defrauding scammers- So if she pays back any money does it go to the other thieves or back to the original victims? Yes, I know the answer.

Veterans- The way our vets are treated is a travesty. The shame rests on all of us till it is rectified.

Fart Scrolls- That is great! The video at the link is just hilarious!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/27/12 at 11:46 AM
Judge Mark Martin: a prime example of why I advocate replacing judges with computer algorithms.
Posted by Pile of Pooh on 02/27/12 at 12:04 PM
All stories today are very interesting, but the one that jumps out at me is the story of cops accessing data on the one woman. There is a proposal I heard last week over a Dallas radio station that the Dallas police department is planning to buy a system that allows listening in on cell phone calls. Most people who informally called into the radio station reporting the story were all for such a thing. Even when it was pointed out that such a system could be abused, very few changed their opinion.

I find on both sides, the cops and the public that is really scary.
Posted by KDP on 02/27/12 at 02:49 PM
ART: Well our principle looked like a dick but they didn't cover him up (just what he did). Really, anybody who was in on that complaint really needs to visit the psychiatrist. In fact social services needs to visit those homes of the complainers and assess just how sex-obsessed those families are and how much of a danger they are to the community at large. I look at that statue and all I see is a sideways eye. If you get female genitalia out of that then you have got some serious issues.
Posted by Baughbe on 02/27/12 at 05:29 PM
I just think the whole statue thing is all too much like the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where everyone but the Mom could see the Hoo Ha. Maybe that's what the two were trying to go for?
Posted by Rhi on 02/28/12 at 04:44 PM
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