Compost Fence

A dispute between neighbors in Lodi Township, Michigan has resulted in one of them (a farmer) creating a 250-foot wall of cow manure along the property divide. The non-farmers are calling it a "poop wall" and complain that it smells awful. The farmer disagrees, saying that it's merely a "compost fence". Plus, it turns out that it's perfectly legal since it's on his property.

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     Posted By: Alex - Mon May 03, 2021
     Category: Pranks and Revenge

If you don't like the smell of agriculture, don't move in to a house on or near a farm. It really is that simple.
Posted by Patrick on 05/03/21 at 07:22 AM
I grew up on a small farm with a few cows. The problem really manifests itself when it gets very wet and starts to "cook". However, it never bothered us since the smell eventually goes away when things dry out.

In the old song about Old MacDonald, there should be a verse about the odors that hang about the farm...
Posted by KDP on 05/03/21 at 05:53 PM
My son has a food waste composting business. When waste begins to compost it gets very hot - over 200°. The smell certainly changes as it cooks. Eventually it smells like over ripe bananas. Cow manure... that's another story altogether. As a teen, we lived right across the road from 125,000 head of cattle. Took years to regain my sense of smell. Also, dry manure will take flight, looking like a brown fog coming across the pasture. These neighbors must have really gotten the farmer ticked off. Guess they have a reason to "turn their noses" to this 'aromatic' nature based barrier.
Posted by Teri on 05/04/21 at 12:54 AM
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