Creap Creamer

It's one of the most famous examples of a Japanese product with a weird English name.

The name is a portmanteau of 'creaming powder.' When the marketing team came up with the name back in 1960, they evidently didn't realize about the word 'creep.' Or maybe they figured that few Japanese consumers would know what a creep was.

The way the company discusses the product on the product website results in some (presumably) unintentional humor: "This creap comes in a light, convenient plastic bottle... This creap comes in a light, small plastic bottle."

More info: You Don’t Know, Creap! 3 Odd Facts About Japan’s Awkwardly Named Coffee Creamer
     Posted By: Alex - Sat Jun 23, 2018
     Category: Odd Names | Products

I have an orangeade can I picked up in France. The name on the can is "Flirt." And then there is the infamous "Pocari Sweat" soft drink, also a Japanese product.
Posted by KDP on 06/23/18 at 02:41 PM
"Creap", contraction of "Creepy" and "Crap". That's one white substance I don't want to see in my coffee.
Posted by Yudith on 06/24/18 at 07:18 AM
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