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Vietnam gov't bureaucrats done lost their minds: proposal to ban motorbike drivers whose chests measure under 28 inches (as a proxy for weakness or sickliness). Associated Press via Arizona Republic

How to tell if you get seriously cold feet about your upcoming wedding: You burn down the entire hotel where it's to take place. Reuters via Yahoo

Recurring Theme (with added panache): DUI . . on a steamroller. KTBC-TV (Austin, Tex.)

Kimberly Messer, 18, explains doing 107 mph in a construction zone: I didn't even see the signs. Hello! I was on the phone! KVAL-TV (Eugene, Ore.)

There was a 5-lb. bulge in her baby's diaper, which the 21-yr-old Mexican woman crossing into Hidalgo, Tex., told the border agent it was only the kid's dump, which would have been awesome in itself, but she was actually smuggling sausage. McAllen Monitor

Professor Music's Weird Link o' the Day
It's from Japan and appears to be an illustrated, er, um, well, catalog, of cat fashions, all modeled handsomely by what looks like a pair of stuffed kitties. But it's in Japanese so I don't know if ya can actually buy the stuff. Nice attention to detail, in that some of the cat hats have little ear-fitting protrusions.

Today's Newsrangers: David Melcher, Candy Clouston, Mark Neunder, Mindy Cohen, Paul Blumstein, Val Stephenson
     Posted By: Chuck - Wed Oct 29, 2008

Hands up, everyone who would want to eat sausage smuggled under a baby's bum.
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 10/29/08 at 12:21 PM
Kimberly Messer - Take her license away for, say, 6 mo to a year - that'll teach her! Plus, if I was her parents I'd take her cell phone away too.
But that's how I was raised, kids these days.....
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 10/29/08 at 01:02 PM
Yes, you can buy the cat fashions. The prices are next to the orange "put it in your shopping cart" button. They aren't cheap. The first one costs 4620円, which is almost $50 before shipping!
Posted by BikerPuppy on 10/29/08 at 01:15 PM
Vietnam: Glad to know I don't have a chance in hell of being banned from riding a motorbike in Vietnam! Lucky for me, my chest exceeds the minimum by a fair margin (well, lots more than a fair margin actually).
Posted by BikerPuppy on 10/29/08 at 01:48 PM
I know our ladies love their cats and I can accept that but these people that have to dress their pets just drive me nuts!

18 and she only doing 107! Slackard!

The kids still in diapers and can OFFICIALLY claim to have a sausage in his drawers!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 10/29/08 at 01:55 PM
motorbike drivers So lets say a woman goes and gets implants? Can she then drive a motorbike? And what about woman with natural curves? Can she also drive a motorbike? That seems funky.

upcoming wedding I thought if I set a fire I wouldn't have to go through with the wedding There's another way to get around marrying someone... don't propose when you already have a wife!

speeder How does this measure up with all your tickets, Maxx?

5 # bulge I prefer my sausage diaper-less.

Cat fashion Do these come in an extra-small? I have a very petite cat.

KT - thanks for the translated link. Here is a direct quote from said link: general way being the place where it rises, you probably will take the souvenir picture! Don't you think? therefore with special care, taking lovely

Explains it all... doesn't it?
Posted by KW in Dallas, TX on 10/29/08 at 04:50 PM
I like how the cats have casual clothing. I always thought a cat's casual was going around the way nature intended (especially when it admits on the page that cats probably won't take nicely to having to wear the stuff for an extended period of time)... But if you buy at least 5,250 yen's worth then you get free shipping ^_^ Wonder if they thought about the chance of international orders.

KT- the upper and lower class are probably referring to the level of difficulty in getting your cat to actually wear the clothing and look nice (perhaps referring to the amount of patience your cat has).
Posted by jswolf19 in Japan on 10/30/08 at 06:52 AM
Wayne, given the way motorcycles/motorbikes are designed, the only time you need any real strength is if you drop it and have to pick it up.
Posted by BikerPuppy on 10/30/08 at 10:55 AM
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