Earrings on a deer

Bettie Phillips' fifteen minutes of fame involved her decision to put earrings on a baby deer. It happened back in 1997 when she found a two-month-old deer stranded by the side of a road and "thought it would be pretty" if it had earrings. So she pierced its ears by hand, pushing the posts of two earrings through its ears.

Police later found the deer in her truck and charged her with animal cruelty.

The charge was eventually suspended, but she had to pay the $250 veterinary bill for treating its infected ears.

San Bernardino County Sun - July 11, 1997

Asheville Citizen Times - Sep 17, 1997

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The fawn was probably not stranded or orphaned. The doe does leave her fawn alone to go forage. I am no expert on this, but the fawn is odor free and does not cry for food. This protects it from predators. A local animal rescue operator was on the news about two fawns being brought in this spring because of some idiots.

I am not sure of the 'odor free'.
Posted by BMN on 10/09/16 at 04:52 PM
I should mention the only time I've come close to being killed by a wild animal. I was walking through the bush and went to step over a fallen log. A fawn jumped up and ran away.

I damn near had a heart attack!
Posted by BMN on 10/09/16 at 05:06 PM
First "lipstick on a pig," now "earrings on a deer."
Posted by ges on 10/09/16 at 08:41 PM
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