Follies of the Madmen #206

     Posted By: Paul - Fri May 31, 2013
     Category: Animals | PSA’s | Tobacco and Smoking

For some of us who can no longer drink like we did in our twenties, or are prevented by onerous laws against recreational substances by the most politically oppressive generation in U.S. history, smoking tobacco is the last legal vice we have. And even that is in danger of being taken from us. Soon we will all be labelled "children" and no longer allowed to make our own decisions. Until the revolution comes...
Posted by KDP on 05/31/13 at 10:24 AM
I agree, KDP, 100% but, let's not get me started on that or we'll be here all day.

Anyhow, I smoked up to 4pks a day for 40+ years and finally quit in 10 days using Chantix. I stumbled onto the idea of some drug to block/remove the craving when I was in the hospital undergoing large doses of antibiotics. After talking to Doc about it he mentioned a Chantix and we started looking hard into the side effects, etc. After we decided to give it a shot it took 10 days for things to kick in. I've not had a smoke in about 5 years now.

No, I don't own stock in the stuff but I'm a believer. Talk long and hard with your doc as there could be some side effects to be wary of.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 05/31/13 at 10:43 AM
BTW Expat, I'm glad I tried chantix but the side effects were very bad and I had to stop. Gonna try the lozenges! If that works I may have to move to Washington State if I want a smoke! :coolsmile:
Posted by Tyrusguy on 05/31/13 at 12:10 PM
It didn't bother me one bit but, I've been 99.8% 'round the bend for a long, long time and the drug just didn't stand a chance!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 05/31/13 at 01:37 PM
I always though having a "monkey on your back" was heroin. Bad Monkey .. Bad Monkey .. go away .. darn .. still there :( :roll: :coolhmm:
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 05/31/13 at 05:05 PM
That's great Don! Ty I wish you all the luck in the world stopping, I know how important it is for you sweetheart.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 05/31/13 at 08:01 PM
wow, i love how those are gendered not merely by the man's monkey being more violent, but even by colour. of _course_, the monkey on a woman's back would be pink, while a man's is blue. of _course_!

i guess the cold turkey had to be blue so we'd know it was cold...
Posted by weaver on 05/31/13 at 11:25 PM
What other color would a cartoon cold anything be? J. Rabbit always wears red 'cause she's HOT!

Notice how I snuck in my true love's name. :red:
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 06/01/13 at 12:59 AM
It's a toss-up whether the pharm companies or the doctors are more evil. Chantix put me in the hospital, very close to death (lethal side-effects were known before they began marketing it). Three days later, doctor says I should try it again (obviously he'd rather see me dead than smoking).

Vaping (inhaling nicotine-free vapor from a cigarette-sized device) is what worked for me -- turns out that like most smokers, I wasn't addicted to nicotine (but the powers-that-be refuse to accept that their decades-old research about why people smoke is fundamentally flawed)
Posted by Phideaux on 06/01/13 at 08:35 PM
I just saw that France is trying to BAN ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES because they're a health hazard. Some people even claim that secondhand vapor makes them sick!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 06/02/13 at 12:36 AM
If you've read this site very often, you'll see a lot of people claim all sorts of . . . (trying to think of a polite term for "totally idiotic") . . . um . . . things.

Vaping is virtually tax-free, and it cuts into big-tobacco's market, so naturally there's a lot of opposition.

I just looked at the ingredient list on the bottles of my various vapes. All have the same carrier/base as many asthma inhalers, and all the flavorings carry FDA approval for use in food/candles/atomizers.

When pressed, I can make my own out of common supermarket items (having only sales tax, not the humongous 'sin tax' levied on cigs).
Posted by Phideaux on 06/02/13 at 05:17 PM
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