Gabriel Over the White House

One of the weirder Hollywood offerings, this film depicts an American President gone wild in office--and it turns out to be a good thing! I'm surprised the film hasn't figured in this year's politics.

More info here.

Long unavailable, it's recently been reissued. Follow the Amazon link.

     Posted By: Paul - Wed Apr 11, 2012
     Category: Movies | Politics | Strange Candidates | Propaganda, Thought Control and Brainwashing | 1930s

Great movie! The pre-code filmmakers could get away with a lot of ideas that were later squashed.

It's on TCM every so often (not on the present schedule through June).
Posted by DemonDuJour on 04/11/12 at 02:29 PM
A good follow up to this would be Heinlein's "If This Goes On..." It is a short story, part of his "Future History" series. Although mainly pegged as a science fiction writer, Heinlein had a gift for extrapolating societal trends. If you have a chance to read through all the series you can pick out parallels that apply to society today.
Posted by KDP on 04/11/12 at 04:06 PM
Does anyone remember a film from the 70s about (what at the time was considered to be) a New Age president? The supposedly hilarious literal running gag was that he jogged. Imagine a president jogging! And he only ate healthy food. I can't remember much else about it except for the stupid jogging scenes with the Secret Service jogging behind him.

When I try to google, I'm only getting me porn films (life could be worse, I guess).
Posted by Mark on 04/11/12 at 08:14 PM
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