Get Slim Slippers

These were mini slippers that supposedly helped one lose weight. How? Something to do with reflexology and magnets. And also, I assume, the extra effort required to balance in them.

They were sold via the website, which no longer exists (but is archived at the Wayback Machine). has an article by someone who tried them out to see if they would actually work:

I obeyed all the instructions. I started off gradually. In fact I had to — my arches, bearing almost all of my weight, hurt fiercely the first few days. (If you've ever climbed a round-runged ladder in your bare feet, you know the feeling.) I never went over the 2-1/2-hour limit, and I tried to "respect the slippers" in spite of jeers from my office mates. In a sense, I even "became One with the slippers"—they delivered a terrible foot odor each time I took them off. Apparently, the canvas uppers don't "breathe."

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     Posted By: Alex - Thu Mar 23, 2023
     Category: Shoes | Dieting and Weight Loss

These shoes remind me of the Lotus shoes that were worn by women with bound feet.
Posted by Yudith on 03/23/23 at 06:37 AM
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