Homes for the deaf

Nov 1994: During a staff meeting, Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner offered a creative solution to the problem of homeowners bothered by airport noise. They should just sell their houses to deaf people. A few days later he offered a tearful apology, insisting that he had simply said it was "an interesting idea."

The reality, of course, is that they sell to people willing to live with noise in exchange for getting a cheap house. I know that 'cause it's the trade-off I accepted when I bought my house (road noise, not airport noise).

Detroit Free Press - Nov 5, 1994

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Nov 23, 2016
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Fuck the deaf people. It's okay, they can't hear you.
Posted by A Nonny Mouse on 11/23/16 at 08:34 AM
The Lexington School for the Deaf relocated from Lexington Avenue in Manhattan to a location in Queens near LaGuardia Airport in the 1960's. At the time, they were an oral school that emphasized speech reading (aka lipreading). They considered the airport noise an advantage because it would make it harder to "cheat" by listening.
Posted by ges on 11/23/16 at 09:05 AM
Gallagher (yeah, the watermelon smashing guy) actually proposed the same thing on one of his albums back in the '80s. Probably "People Aint' Thinking About This Stuff" but don't hold me to it.
Posted by PupTenacle on 11/23/16 at 02:16 PM
It's actually called "You People Ain't Thinking About This Stuff" and came out in 1980.

No, I really don't care either. :D
Posted by PupTentacle on 11/23/16 at 02:17 PM
Garrett Moris and Chevy Chase did a "Weekend Update" bit presenting news for the deaf back in probably the first season of SNL (1976?) Wickedly funny and definitely not P.C.
Posted by KDP on 11/23/16 at 04:42 PM
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