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Friday, January 23, 2009 [part two]

More Things to Worry About

He's serving 50 yrs for hijacking an airliner in 1980, but his big concern now is that he's a "great songwriter" oppressed by prison officials' keeping his music out of the hands of Britney, Pink, and Springsteen. St. Paul Pioneer-Press

The five guys just sitting around the Gymbox exercise center in London (including two dwarfs and a fat guy) are actually just there to be lifted, for people bored with lifting inert weights (Bonus: They give out "attaboys" while you lift) (Seriously). Reuters via Yahoo

Christian humility sits out three quarters in a high school basketball game as parents and an assistant coach urge their Convent School team to run up the score (and they did, 100-0). Associated Press via Yahoo

Kychene Venable, 36, was caught in Buffalo, N.Y., with 44 containers of deodorant stuffed down his pants (and believe he must've shoplifted them, but on the other hand, possibly it was just a personal thing). Buffalo News

Rhode Island animal-protection advocates got ticked off when a judge ordered only community service and a fine for serious pet-abuse (with "pets" meaning the guy's 280 pet rats). MSNBC

The ex-sheriff in Granbury, Tex., applied for unemployment benefits by likening electoral defeat to being "fired." United Press International

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Your Daily Loser
Shawn Holden, 26, thought he had successfully fled a traffic stop in Phoenix when he crawled under a parked truck to escape the cops. However, a minute later, with police still standing around the area, the driver got in the truck and drove off, flattening Holden, who was taken to the hospital and later arrested. The Arizona Republic
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Your Daily Jury Duty
["In America, a person is presumed innocent until the mug shot is released"]
Lorinda Burgeson, 53, could be the one who called in bomb threats to a school. On the other hand, the cops asked her why she would do that, and Burgeson did not give an answer . . so maybe she's not guilty. Only one way to tell. Pine City (Minn.) Pioneer
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Today's Newsrangers: Jerry Whittle, Sean Conway, Sam Gaines, Bill Warren, Larry Ellis Reed, Paul Blumstein, Sara Scharf, Michael Bellesiles, Steve Kingsley, David Breth, Grant Crawford
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