Keep tooth in mouth

Unusual, but possibly useful, dental advice: If a tooth gets knocked out, put it back in your mouth, between your cheek and gum. This will help to keep the tooth alive. And if you can then get to a dental surgeon within 90 minutes, it might be possible to replant the tooth.

Sunbury Daily Item - Jun 5, 1976

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Feb 28, 2022
     Category: Teeth

What if you stick it back in its socket? Seems that would be even better.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 02/28/22 at 09:55 AM
Confirmed. I had a double root canal. When I was allowed to eat again I found myself chewing on a molar. I popped it back into its socket and it took hold.
Posted by Phil on 03/01/22 at 05:29 AM
You have to be quick, though. But yeah, it's been known to work.
Posted by Richard Bos on 03/05/22 at 02:25 PM
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