Linemen training

I assume bucket lifts have now made pole climbing a thing-of-the-past for linemen.

Popular Science - Feb 1951

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Aug 30, 2023
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I found this interesting, because my father strung lines while serving in the U.S. Army in France and Germany during WWII. Unlike these students, he had to do it while being shot at by the enemy, and in fact, he received a Bronze Star for his efforts during one particular battle. For a couple years after the war, he worked as a lineman for the local telephone company, but then took a different job after my older brother and I were born so he could better support our growing family.
Posted by Fritz on 08/30/23 at 08:50 AM
There are numerous instances in which using a scissor or bucket lift isn't practical. I've seen pole climbing linesmen in recent times.
Posted by Stan Flouride on 08/30/23 at 07:53 PM
Stan Fluoride, I assume you have a dog that you call Tin, which is short for Rin Tin Tin.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 08/31/23 at 06:06 AM
Climbing poles by hand is definately still a thing. For example, the neighborhood I grew up in, and in another one where my mom still lives, the poles located in the back yards, with one pole at every other house corner, so that EVERY home has a pole in one of their two back corners. Since nearly all the houses have fences, and this is just a property line with no alley, I can guarantee you that every pole access that has ever taken place in that region has been by a man climbing a pole, because there is no physical way to get a truck back there. This was in the Los Angeles area, and it's how the lines were set up in most of the neighborhoods there. It's also very common for poles in high traffic urban areas where blocking the road with a truck is entirely impractical unless it's for something where a truck is absolutely necessary for some other reason
Posted by Eric Gagen on 09/05/23 at 02:49 PM
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