Make nuclear war in your own home

Aim, launch, and game over.

Old ad from comic book. No date given. Via Curious Objects.

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Feb 23, 2014
     Category: War | Atomic Power and Other Nuclear Matters

Circa 1956, Cheerios was offering this.
Posted by Phred22 on 02/23/14 at 01:44 PM
Wow, that sounds like the jackpot! My brother is 15 months younger than me - we could have had the grandest time with this lot, if it weren't for a few details, like not being alive yet, and not growing up in the US...
Posted by TheCannyScot in Atlanta, GA on 02/23/14 at 02:30 PM
Sounds like something any little boy would love!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/23/14 at 07:25 PM
IIRC they were fun for a few minutes. Spring loaded missiles you could use to 'kill' your plastic army-guys.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 02/23/14 at 11:40 PM
Michael Nesmith had a sketch in his "Elephant Parts", "Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority", which were launched from your garden hose to take care of those pesky neighbors who let the smoke form the barbeque drift into your yard.
Posted by KDP on 02/24/14 at 11:40 AM
I vaguely remember a 'toy' Atomic Bomb advertised in the '50s with the line "Be the first kid on your block to be the last kid on your block."
Posted by tadchem on 02/24/14 at 02:08 PM
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