Malicious Bar Stool

Outfit your home bar with the 'malicious' bar stool. Available from Price: $3,700 each.

Inspired by the ancient "Chair of Nails Torture", which was studded with spikes and used by inquisitors, "Malicious" was designed to create a feeling of disturbance, hesitation and fear in users. The purpose was to see the reactions and behavior of the users towards disturbing objects.

via Dave Barry
     Posted By: Alex - Wed Jan 12, 2022
     Category: Furniture

You know what would be great? A stool with retractable spikes and a remote control. This way, when you want to clear your benches at closing time or get rid of a creep, you press a button and presto!
Posted by Yudith on 01/13/22 at 07:57 PM
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