More Site Woes

As part of the ongoing site upgrade and maintenance we've been doing lately, we moved the site on Saturday night to a shiny, fast, new server. This inadvertently caused a cascade of problems. First, it took the site offline entirely until about mid-day Sunday. Then a whole bunch of settings got reset to default values. As a result, no one could post comments because the captcha settings were all messed up.

I think I've got most of the settings back to the way they should be.

However, a bigger problem is that now we're not able to post new entries. Doing so triggers a database error. But mysteriously, we can edit and update (and entirely change) old entries, which is what we're doing for the time being.

Also, some of our attempts to create new posts created mystery, ghost posts that appear only in partial form, such as Paul's cryptic post below [edit: now above now gone], "Upgrade Madness." We're unable to delete these ghost posts.

I've contacted professionals who will hopefully be able to solve these problems, though not until Monday or Tuesday.
     Posted By: Alex - Sun Jul 31, 2016

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