Name That List, #48

What is this a list of? The answer is below in extended.

  • tar acid
  • ammonia
  • glycerin
  • zinc sulphate
  • seaweed
  • banana paste
  • citric acid
  • lactic acid
  • a pungent liquid dredged from the bottom of banana boats
  • ox blood


According to Time magazine (July 19, 1968), these were some of the ingredients of ‘Ferrari Wine’ — a popular Italian wine that (unbeknownst to consumers) actually had no grapes in it.

Last week, in the biggest Italian trial in decades, 174 men and women were charged with adulterating or faking wine. Heading the list of accused in the crammed courthouse of Ascoli Piceno on the Adriatic coast was Bruno Ferrari, 65, boss of the Casa Vinicola Ferrari, largest of seven wine companies involved in the case.

After weeks of watching the eight Ferrari wine plants and shadowing the company's delivery trucks all over the country, the Bacchus police arrested Ferrari and his associates and seized 10,000 tons of adulterated wine. For more than ten years Vino Ferrari had been a household name in Italy. A popular Ferrari commercial—which was taken off the air when Ferrari was arrested—showed a tired businessman reviving his sagging spirits after a hard day by knocking back a glass of Ferrari wine. "I'm a new man," he shouts to his wife.

Now the origin of the wine's restorative power is being called into question: Ferrari wine, charged the prosecution, is artificial. Police cited a variety of recipes for making such concoctions, listing such unlikely ingredients as tar acid, ammonia, glycerin, zinc sulphate, seaweed, banana paste, citric acid, lactic acid, a pungent liquid dredged from the bottom of banana boats, and ox's blood. The prosecution also said that illegal chemical substances and hidden vats of artificial wine were seized at the Ferrari plants.

Time magazine - July 19, 1968
     Posted By: Alex - Tue Aug 28, 2018
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My first thought was the ingredient list for a banana flavored baby food. I rejected that idea and my second thought was the ingredient list for some kind of health food supplement.
Posted by Fritz G on 08/28/18 at 08:21 AM
One more reason to not drink wine.

From the zinc sulphate, seaweed, and banana paste, I guessed it was some form of panacea. I would never have guessed that combination could have been passed off as wine.
Posted by Phideaux on 08/28/18 at 11:48 AM
Do you suppose that the fact that no grapes entered the "wineries" would have been a major clue?
Posted by KDP on 08/28/18 at 04:41 PM
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