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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Iowa City, Iowa: The Iowa Supreme Court, 7-0, said it wasn’t gender discrimination when a hot assistant got fired on account of being too arousing for her boss. Her firing wasn’t “discrimination,” said the justices, but rather for being a “threat to the boss’s marriage.” (Guess how many of the 7 justices are scroto-Americans.) Associated Press

Pyongyang, North Korea: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea “techies” released their first racing video game, which is apparently to the outside world’s racing games as Pong is to Madden 2013, e.g., lots of "stationary" cars, if you go off the road, you get automatically restarted. Jalopnik /// Slate

Baltimore: A 38-yr-old bureaucrat with the Social Security Administration was formally reprimanded for farting at work, and, it being a unionized workplace, a supervisor had to actually log the stink bombs in writing (17 dates, 60 blasts), just to make the charge stick. The worker says it’s a medical problem but offered no evidence. The Smoking Gun

Broomfield, Colo.: Rules being drafted by the state Dept. of Agriculture will require any pet facility that contains a pool of any depth to leash all animals put little life jackets on all animals (and not just those pathetic ol’ rock-like bulldogs). Daily Camera (Boulder)

Whatcom County, Wash.: Doug Spink famously operated the notorious bestiality farm in the news several yrs ago but when he went to prison, it was not for that but for the easier-collar of violating previous parole. He’s out now, and charges were filed based on evidence recovered in 2010, including “13 mice, each coated in a lubricant.” Bellingham Herald (link from Seattle Weekly)

Anchorage, Alaska: Oh, how Yr Editor hates it when some unfortunately well-meaning person explains “the whole story” behind some weird guy that News of the Weird has taken a fancy to! Here’s a well-done explanation of Billy Gibby, famous for trying to set a world record for most advertisements tattooed on his face (20). He’s bipolar, with the manic phase being fairly successful (competitive runner, wife and 5 kids), but, then, one time it seemed like a good idea to him to take on another face tat ad for $75. Oh, and his legal name is now Hostgator M. Dotcom. Other than that . . .. Anchorage Press, citing Porn Watchers, offers a believable wait! no way! ehhh, maybe probably pretty close approximation of the importance of pornography on the Internet. Just two sites of free and paid porn ( and offer 735,000 videos, have entertained 93 billion views since 2006 (average of 15 views for every person on Earth), with total time spent on just those two sites, by all visitors . . . 1.2 million years. [And there are thousands of other such sites . . . Yr Editor has been told.]

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