News of the Weird / Plus, May 25, 2015

News of the Weird / Plus
May 25, 2015 (Part 1) [weird stuff that made me excited (frightened) (ROTFL) (appalled) last week, some of which will appear in News of the Weird soon] [Part 1 on Monday, Part 2 on Tuesday]

West Virginia, with 1.85m residents, was shipped 40,000,000 oxy and hydro pain pills last yr--umm, 21.6 for every man, woman, and child in the state, way ahead of other states and inexplicable for the drug wholesalers not to have noticed. West Virginia Gazette

A Morgan Stanley wealth manager chick who had an affair with a super-rich client (and lost a boatload) may put the company on the hook for $400m (because the F State has an “abuse of elders” law that multiplies damages). [Yr Editor mentions this because Yr Editor turns the Big 7-O next month, and, as everyone knows, 70 is the new, ummmm, well, in my case, 80.] Business Insider

Belleville, Illinois,’s favorite sock fetishist James Dowdy is back acting out again. Not only does he steal them, he uses them in “an inappropriate and obscene manner,” according to the cops, and he might have a notebook chronicling all the thefts and the socks’ owners. Belleville News-Democrat

Inexplicable: A wife got 3-1/2 yrs in prison for running over her husband in a parking lot--but the reason was that she was mad that he failed to vote for Romney in 2012. (Bonus: They live in Arizona, and Romney carried the electoral college anyway so who cares if he voted or not?) Reuters

Texas still sucks, major league, even though the state’s highest criminal court just released Dan and Fran Keller, who were convicted in 1992 for the most sickening [in Yr Editor’s humble opinion] railroading job in present-day America. Their convictions for running a totally implausible, fabulist-accused child-molesting day-care were overturned, but they were not yet officially exonerated. Austin American-Statesman

The Portfolio Recovery debt-collection company got a name wrong and hassled someone it shouldn’t have, badly, and now she got a Kansas City, Mo., jury to award her, ummmm, $83 million. New York Daily News

Alvaro Ortega, 34, was arrested for swiping a police officer’s cell phone in Bayonne, N.J. No sleuthing involved. He was literally the only other person in the deli. “Did you take it?” the officer asked. “Ummm, yes,” said Ortega. “Umm, OK, you’re under arrest.” “Umm, OK.” The Jersey Journal

Disguise Confusion: The suspect fled after robbing the pharmacy, but police got a good description: woman’s wig, purple dress, white shoes, carrying a purse, full beard. (Wait, what?) Detroit News
     Posted By: Chuck - Mon May 25, 2015

WVA Oxi Maybe these are needed to buffer the realization of "Uncle Daddy".

Abuse of Elders I think I'm in need some of that abuse.

Sock Fetishist Lamb Chop had a Shari fetish.

Electoral College Don't get me started on that subject.

Alvaro Ortega Come on, he could speak English? Really? Been here before has he?
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