The Other JFK

John Francis Kennedy served three terms as Treasurer of Massachusetts, from 1954 to 1960. He was legendary for putting almost no effort (or money) into campaigning. He made no speeches, nor did he advertise. He didn't even have any relevant experience for the job. Before becoming state treasurer he had been a stockroom supervisor at the Gillette Safety Razor Company.

By all accounts, the only reason for his political success was the resemblance of his name to John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

John Francis Kennedy probably would have kept running for state treasurer if he could have. But term limits prevented him. He tried running for governor in 1960 (while JFK was campaigning for President), but his winning streak finally ended.

More info: Commonwealth magazine, Our Campaigns

John Francis Kennedy

Miami News - May 22, 1960

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From Wikipedia:

The 1960 Massachusetts primary included six John Kennedys seeking various office. John Kennedy of Canton (The State Treasurer) sought the office of governor. John B. Kennedy of Saugus and John M. Kennedy of Boston both sought the office of state treasurer. John Kennedy of Braintree sought the office of Norfolk county commissioner. Two John Kennedys (from Everett and Plymouth) both sought seats in the Massachusetts State House.[6] In the State Treasurer's race, Kennedy of Saugus finished third and Kennedy of Boston finished 5th in a six-man field.[7]
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Those crazy Irish! :lol:
(I can say that as one set of my great-grandparents came to America from Ireland.)
Posted by Patrick on 11/21/21 at 06:53 AM
So.. he won because people voted for him by accident?
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Oh, wait... so this is the one who's coming back and saving us from Bill Gates? Now it all makes sense!
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