National Poo Museum

The UK will soon open a "National Poo Museum" on the Isle of Wight. It will "celebrate poo." Says a spokeswoman, "The National Poo Museum is set to be the place to immerse oneself in the wonder of excrement while finding out lots of extraordinary nuggets of information about all things poo-y."

More info: Isle of Wight County Press

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Mar 17, 2016
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I'm 1st so...

Working there is going to be a shitty job!

.... next ....
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 03/17/16 at 11:01 AM

Betting that the whole venture ends up in the toilet.
Posted by crc on 03/17/16 at 01:03 PM
@CRC: Loo.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 03/17/16 at 01:08 PM
We're talking about real poo here, right? Not sham-poo.
Posted by Joshua Zev Levin, Ph.D. on 03/17/16 at 03:02 PM
@Expat: Water Closet (WC)
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 03/17/16 at 04:01 PM
Posted by BMN on 03/17/16 at 04:37 PM
I'd be a little wary of a claim of 10% vs. 90% - If you are made of 1 trillion cells (just a round number) then bacteria, as one cell organism very much the same size as any other single cell, numbering 9 trillion, would cause you to burst open and slime up the place. Who's gonna clean that up?
Posted by KDP on 03/17/16 at 04:56 PM
KDP, I heard this claim a while ago and checked it out. Seemingly reliable sources agree that 90% of the cells in your body (by count, not by volume) are non-human. Apparently it's not the case that cells are all basically the same size. Here's one link:
Posted by ges on 03/17/16 at 05:37 PM
Soon, the Isle of Wight will become the Isle of Brown.
The Poo Museum, not to be confused with the Pooh Museum, or the Po Museum, is at the bottom of a steep incline. The first experiment will be to see if shit rolls uphill.
Posted by Greg on 03/18/16 at 06:03 AM
The worlds first poosuem.
Posted by David on 03/18/16 at 08:08 AM
I wonder if they'll sell some unusual crap in their gift shoppe.
Posted by Fritz G on 03/18/16 at 08:18 AM
@Dave: Would that be a single cell poosuem?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 03/18/16 at 10:26 AM
@ges, I was a little overbroad in my claim. Actually I had it wrong and you are right to point that out. One trillion cells total would mean 900 billion is the bacterial count and I believe that the remaining count of 100 billion is far too few to make up a human in all its moving and thinking glory.

It's just that there are claims that look good but are really meaningless. Like ad copy that reads "Four out of five dentists recommend ..." I'm interested in what dentist number five recommends. It may be a better product.
Posted by KDP on 03/18/16 at 12:39 PM
To paraphrase one of my all time favorite characters: Poo Poopy Poop
Posted by Steve E. on 03/18/16 at 09:36 PM
How corny! Is the entrance shaped like a mouth and the exit like a rectum?
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 03/19/16 at 11:06 AM
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