Robbed no one but beggars

From The Washington Post - Oct 29, 1905: The Parisian thief Everard thought he had figured out the perfect crime. He only robbed beggars, and only those who were secretly wealthy — knowing they would be reluctant to report the crime since to do so they'd have to reveal their own fraud.

His strategy went wrong when during one of his robberies he ended up killing two men, thereby making himself wanted for murder.

Sounds like it could be the plot for a movie. Though it makes me wonder how many beggars are there really who are secretly wealthy. Beggars who are working scams by faking injuries, disabilities, etc? Definitely. But ones who are squirreling away millions? I always assumed that was a bit of an urban legend. Not that I'm an expert on beggars, however.

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Nov 13, 2013
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Greedy and he payed for it.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 11/13/13 at 07:45 PM
We have been remiss lately in reiterating rule #1, "One crime at a time!"

Now, so there's no excuse in the future.... "Un crime à la fois."
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 11/14/13 at 05:44 AM
So I do a lot of homeless work and panhandlers are notoriously non-homeless. While there are *some* legitamate homeless folks that pan handle, most of them know where to go for services and take advantage of that. Most "beggars" or panhandlers that I've come in contact with (you know the ones, with the signs that say "Laid Off. Hungry. Please help. God Bless!") have gotten in their cars (Mercedes) at the end of the day and driven to their home in the suburbs. It gives real homeless folks a bad name.
Posted by Crystal on 11/14/13 at 02:32 PM
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