Sponge Shoes

New from designer Christopher Kane: shoes with kitchen sponges glued onto them. They retail for around £800 (about $1046), but are already sold out.

But if they were available, you could round out the look with a sponge clutch from the same designer.

And to really complete your kitchen cleaning look, don't miss these mop shoes, also from Christopher Kane. (More info: refinery29)

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Sep 22, 2018
     Category: Fashion

That clutch would make a nice accessory while wearing your Green Bay Packers Cheesehead.

Posted by Fritz G on 09/22/18 at 07:19 AM
This designer was probably sitting in his kitchen a 2AM running out of time to make deadline.
Posted by KDS on 09/22/18 at 09:27 AM
If you want to go for comfort, do it all the way! Put the sponge inside the front of the shoe as well! Better still, go for a slipper with a removable sponge interior which you can throw in the washer and dryer! Great to mop up foot sweat!
Posted by Yudith on 09/22/18 at 10:05 AM
What a lovely compliment for Maison Margiela's "Artisanal" collection, posted a few days ago. These incorporate Home Depot's cleaning products aisle with the rest.

Posted by Virtual on 09/22/18 at 10:45 AM
Why didn't this come into fashion back then?
Posted by BMN on 09/22/18 at 11:17 AM
They look like synthetic sponges. For that price I want natural sponges, preferably organic.
Posted by ges on 09/22/18 at 11:51 PM
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