Tandem Smoker

Introduced in 1955: Jonathon Law's Tandem Smoker, aka the "sure-fire lonesomeness ender."

"The inventor envisions each lonely man packing a Tandem Smoker. All he has to do is light up, offer a passerby a mouthpiece, and the device will do the rest."

Image source: Fuzzy Dave

Independent Press Telegram - Sep 30, 1956

And you too could soon be smoking in tandem, because there's one available for $95 on eBay.

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Nov 14, 2016
     Category: Smoking and Tobacco | 1950s

I had a similar device when I was younger. It did all that this item was advertised to do. The only problem was spilling the water it contained on the carpet of our rented apartment.
Posted by KDP on 11/14/16 at 07:34 AM
I used to have a bong that was based on this principle.
Posted by F.U.D. on 11/14/16 at 07:53 AM
Just plunk your hookah down in a wheelbarrow, walk down the street, and and you can even collect a whole group.
Posted by Virtual on 11/14/16 at 01:19 PM
I'm pretty sure I saw this as a joke invention in an old Mad Magazine.
Posted by Ross on 11/14/16 at 04:28 PM
But... what if one of you wants to smoke menthols?
Posted by Richard Bos on 11/15/16 at 05:28 PM
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