The Dobie Gillis Teenage slanguage dictionary

A small dictionary of teenage 'slanguage', created in 1962 by an ad agency to promote The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, a sitcom that aired on CBS for four seasons.

Yes, that's Gilligan on the cover (before he was Gilligan).

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     Posted By: Alex - Sun Dec 17, 2023
     Category: Television | 1960s | Slang

Who doesn´t know Maynard G Krebbs ?
Posted by F.U.D. in Stockholm on 12/17/23 at 07:03 AM
Never gave a hoot about Gilligan, but Maynard was for sure a cool cat.
Posted by Virtual on 12/17/23 at 08:01 AM
Gilligan's Island was beneath me, but Dobie Gillis (and especially Maynard G. Krebs) was cool, probably because I was younger. Anybody remember Maynard's shtick about the old Endicott Building? Wikipedia does (and says it's Krebs with one "b"). A young Tuesday Weld was in some episodes.
Posted by ges on 12/17/23 at 10:21 AM
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