The Classic Middle Name

In the course of 25,000 stories in nearly 1,500 weekly columns over the years, the most interesting and iconic category was my appreciation that many, many murderers had the middle name of Wayne--beginning with the Houston serial killer Elmer W. Henley, the "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" killer John W. Wilson, and of course the storied John W. Gacy. Next Sunday (August 14), I'll run the latest list (all-new!), and below is an advance peek. Later this week, I will try to post a page on WU that is the updated cumulative list since I started "collecting." It won't be a "database" because that would imply that I've actually searched for middle-name Waynes in, for example, prisons; I haven't; the list is of middle-name-Waynes who made the news just before a column was due. Nonetheless, the list is still sort-of-breathtaking to me. NOTE: It is still possible, barely, that someone on my lists might be "innocent." More likely, but still extremely rare, a person on my lists might be "not guilty." (For the difference, think O.J.) In that sense, my not-a-database is to illustrate a point with its spectacularity and not to accuse.]

From News of the Weird M488 (August 14, 2016)

The Classic Middle Name (All New!)
* Arrested Recently and Charged with Murder: Cody Wayne Fish (Norman, Okla., August); Curtis Wayne Trexler (Salisbury, N.C., July); Daryl Royston Wayne Cook (Hobart, Australia, July); James Wayne Rodgers Jr. (Dallas, Tex., May); Bruce Wayne Cameron (St. Louis County, Minn., June 2015). Fugitive Murder Arrest Warrant Issued: Vernon Wayne King (Harrisburg, Pa., August). Pleaded Guilty to Murder: Stacy Wayne Brown (Wilmington, N.C., July). Sentenced for Murder: Christopher Wayne Hill (Harlan County, Ky., June) (a different Christopher Wayne Hill than reported years ago in News of the Weird). Killed Himself Resisting Arrest for Murder: David Wayne Campbell (Mason County, Wash., February). Granted New Sentencing Hearing: convicted murderer Michael Wayne Norris (Houston, Tex., June). Committed Suicide in Prison: convicted murderer Flint Wayne Harrison (Farmington, Utah, July). Executed for Murder: John Wayne Conner (Jackson, Ga., July).
[Fish: Norman Transcript, 8-1-2016] [Trexler: WXII-TV(Greensboro), 7-19-2016] [Cook: The Mercury (Hobart), 7-24-2016] [Rodgers: Dallas Morning News, 5-10-2016] [Cameron: Duluth News Tribune, 6-2-2016] [King: WPMT-TV (Harrisburg), 8-2-2016] [Brown: WWAY-TV (Wilmington), 7-18-2016] [Hill: Harlan Daily Enterprise, 6-2-2016] [Campbell: Associated Press via Seattle Times, 2-27-2016] [Norris: Associated Press via, 6-22-2016] [Harrison: (Salt Lake City), 7-25-2016] [Conner: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7-15-2016]
     Posted By: Chuck - Tue Aug 09, 2016

Waynes world Waynes world !!
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 08/10/16 at 11:09 AM
Oh My! I forgot about the correlation between the middle name Wayne and (alledged or "proven") criminal activity. Thanks to Chuck for starting to compile a list!

Since there are definitely a lot of people with that middle name involved in criminal activity, we should block immigrants with "Wayne" as their middle name from immigrating to the USA!

Further, we should put everyone with the middle name Wayne on a "watch list" for criminal tendencies!

I should use that as part of a campaign for president... won't be too far off some of the current candidates' suggestions.

Posted by Kyle Morgan on 08/10/16 at 11:25 AM
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