The Tallest Man

Perhaps you would like to spend some time at The Tallest Man website, which is devoted to giants and giantesses. As a teaser, below are the male and female recordholders from the historical archives.




     Posted By: Paul - Wed Dec 09, 2015
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The first guy looks like Lerch!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 12/09/15 at 08:49 PM
I vaguely remember the story of Robert Wadlow. It seems that there is a trade-off in lifespan for being so large beyond the norm.

And can you imagine the necessity of having all your clothing custom made? No wonder most of these people put themselves on display for profit.
Posted by KDP on 12/10/15 at 10:31 AM
What's up with the ghost kid in the first pic? Most of his left arm is missing!

Is this an early form of Photoshop?
Posted by Rob on 12/10/15 at 04:27 PM
Screen door with missing screen and kid is sitting on the edge with his one shoulder behind the frame.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 12/10/15 at 07:39 PM
There's an unretouched copy of the picture at GettyImages:

I have no idea why that area was altered. The size and shape isn't right for removing a watermark. The stamp and smudge seems to be concentrated on the door stile -- it extends from just below the knob to nearly the bottom of the stile. Taking off the kid's arm seems to be collateral damage.
Posted by Phideaux on 12/11/15 at 12:55 AM
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