Hello Kitty Terrorist Equipment

This is Weird Universe and this story, in it's entirety, couldn't be more dead on if it were especially designed for us!

I've left my comments in the extended section because I'd like you to view the clip before continuing. At the least, start at the 1min mark.

** The threat of use of a bubble gun is perceived to be a terroristism. The kid never waved the the bubble gun around. It wasn't even on her person at the time the threat was made.

** A 5yo is treated like a hardened criminal. We've got to nip these dangerous thoughts in the bud before the kids get strong enough to lift an RPG to their shoulders!

** "Zero tolerance" replaces logic. V-GER styled thinking is best! Just ask Spock.

** School 'officials' run amok with "zero tolerance". No sense allowing them to use the education they were required to have be eligible for the position they hold.

** A child is arrested but the parents aren't notified immediately. Isn't this illegal????

--- and then ---

** The people being interviewed aren't outraged. Seriously? Like sheep going over a cliff

--- and then ---

** The reporter holds up a surrogate bubble gun:
a) Because 'Hello Kitty' guns are now banned in Ohio?
b) Because she was too lazy to find 'the real thing'.
c) People NEEDED to see what a bubble gun really was?
d) She thought people were so stupid that they didn't know what a bubble could do?
     Posted By: Expat47 - Sat Jan 19, 2013
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