7 Clicks (April 3, 2017)

7 Clicks
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April 3, 2017

Who knew? The Illuminati's plans for Earth include members' right to public "indecency" under a blanket. [WPLG-TV]

How to tell if you're drunk: You can't squeeze your stolen gun far enough up your butt to keep it from falling out in the police station. [AL.com]

Something Else You Can Do in 2017: be served water with the color and taste of lemonade added digitally. [New Scientist]

Agreed: Sheriff's deputies and Clovis, Calif., cops ought to have been able to arrest that homeless man they were after (for stealing an ice cream bar)--without burning down David Jessen's farmhouse. [Techdirt]

Wrong Place, Wrong Time: You're safe on top of your floating car when a flood hits--until all the deadly insects in the area seek refuge, too. (Bonus: Australia! Everything's deadly!) [9News.com]

So many suicides in Kota, India, that they're adding spring sensors to ceiling fans so the blades go limp when self-hangers try to Take The Only Way Out. [The Hindu]

Also in India: The maximum sentence for cow slaughter in Gujarat state is now the same as in 22 U.S. states for killing a human. (In other news, about that "female genital mutilation" thingy, Gujarat will, y'know, try to get that stopped, y'know, if they have time.) [New York Times]

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     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Apr 03, 2017

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