7 Clicks (April 7, 2017)

7 Clicks
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April 7, 2017

News You Can Use (Irish law!): OK to call a litterer "skankhole," judge says. [Irish Times]

Trivago Challenge: Make sure they tell you that your 2/3-star NYC hotel is also a homeless shelter (1,453 hotel rooms in NYC are, thanks to real-shelter overflows). [NY Post]

Sadness and tears in Glassell Park 'hood in Los Angeles on April 4th when a tanker truck hauling milk, spilled. [Los Angeles Daily News]

Tennessee state Rep. Mike Stewart set up a lemonade-and-cookies stand on a Nashville street corner, also selling an AK-47--with no background check required, as permitted by federal and state laws. (In fact, selling the food without a health department certificate is probably more legally risky.) [WKRN-TV]

NoNoNo: Paul Perry Jr., 39, awakened in a drunken stupor from the driver's seat (.236 reading), offered to thumb-wrestle the cop to get out the DUI ticket. [Youngstown Vindicator]

Arduino is a hot-item open-source software start-up that makes it easier to build robots, motion detectors, etc. New CEO Federico Musto apparently believes that NYU and MIT credentialing is open-source, too, thus accounting for the MBA and Ph.D on his business card and LinkedIn profile. [Wired]

Presumption of Innocence? Even hatchet-wielder Noel Dawson, 63, of North Toledo, Ohio? [Toledo Blade]

Thanks to "John Smith" and Paul Di Filippo.

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