A Clown in the Restroom, Plus America’s Least Competent Bank Regulator

More Things to Worry About Today
from News of the Weird Daily, Monday, December 29, 2008

Darrel Dochow, who is apparently the type of bank regulator that America deserves, was put on leave while they investigate his having let the IndyMac Bank backdate a major document this yr so it could avoid triggering gov't scrutiny; Dochow had worked his way back up the ladder after his demotion for screwing up the regulation of the Lincoln Savings & Loan in 1989. Los Angeles Times

The organizers of one of those "taste of" festivals (delicious dishes of Hobart, Australia) thought it'd improve the fair-goer's experience to station a clown in the restrooms, reading poetry. The Mercury (Hobart)

An East London schoolteacher who was choked by a student lamented that the reason no colleague stepped up to rescue him was the culture of teachers' fear that touching a student would bring a lawsuit for assault. Daily Mail

In other UK education news, "hundreds" of schools have been instructed to refrain from marking student papers in red, which is "confrontational" and "demotivating" (with green or pink the more soothing choice). Daily Mail

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Latisse, a prescription drug whose main use is to promote eyelash growth. Reuters

A Vietnam war hero and former Navy Dept. official, Wade Sanders, 67, pleaded to possession of child porn, offering the Pete Townshend defense that his motive was "pure and innocent," that he was just researching the mistreatment of children. San Diego Union-Tribune /// The Guardian (Townshend story)

From the Daily News of Northwest Florida: "When the homeowner asked the [trespassing] woman what she was doing . . . she left the yard in anger, knocking over a dryer located . . . in the front yard. Then she threw her broom in the neighbor's yard." Daily News of Northwest Florida

Those of us of the Reading-Books Persuasion lament the financial condition of independent booksto– . . . well, we needn't worry about Quail Ridge Books & Music of Raleigh, N.C., whose owner just admitted that he had no idea an employee had embezzled $350k over the last 3 yrs. News & Observer

Manhole cover designs might be interesting to look at, but as always, some people take it too far (in Japan, of course). Mainichi Daily News

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Your Daily Loser
Randy Shoopman Jr., 33, was arrested in California but accused back home in Tahlequan, Okla., of five burglaries, and will be extradited. Police got his DNA from his tobacco spit, which he hocked on the floor at each crime scene. Associated Press via Dallas Morning News
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People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Christopher Sefakis, 41, was arrested in South Lebanon, Ohio, on an Internet sex sting about a half-hour after he was at the police station registering as a sex offender from his previous conviction in an Internet sex sting. (Bonus: He parked in the same parking space as the first time and was arrested by the same cop.) Cincinnati Enquirer
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Your Daily Jury Duty
["In America, a person is presumed innocent until the mug shot is released"]
Pastor Kenneth Huneycutt, 60, might have molested those two little boys, but on the other hand, he might be just an innocent, helpless victim of his blood-pressure medication. Daily Oklahoman
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Professor Music's Weird Links
Michael Mararian . . might need professional help. According to him, he has a "poetic propensity for taking traditionally cheerful images and concepts [of children] and turning them into frightening, yet humorous, tableaus." In other words, he gleefully draws kids experiencing underwear-soiling terror. Inkydreadfuls.Citymax.com
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