A Comic That Scared the Senate

The infamous Senate Hearings on horror comics in the 1950s are well known. And in fact, you can read the whole 316-page transcript here.

I thought it might be fun to see one of the actual stories that triggered the politicians. It follows after the next two images.

     Posted By: Paul - Fri May 19, 2023
     Category: Horror | Politics | Scandals and Controversies | Comics | Children | 1950s

I have read the book "Seduction of the Innocent". It is academic, and not salacious, but it, and the hearings, were instrumental in the comics industry instituting the comics code.
Posted by Patrick on 05/19/23 at 08:33 AM
While the artist and writers were never given credit back then, I am sure Jack Kirby drew this comic. His monsters are quite recognizable from later comics.
Posted by eddi on 05/20/23 at 04:41 AM
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