A Saudi Girl Rock Band, a Driver Eating Cereal

and the Afternoon Edition of Chuck's News of the Weird Daily for Monday

Police don't yet know who was at fault when a car with five kids collided with a van, killing an 82-yr-old and sending a 72-yr-old to the hospital, but they do know that the kids got tired of waiting for the cops and rescuers to clear the area and so put in a food order for accident-scene delivery. Gold Coast News (Australia)

The rock band Accolade has just released its first single, Pinocchio, getting good underground play (except it's really underground because Accolade is an all-girl group of Saudis, in Jidda, and its lead singer, Lamia, has several piercings). New York Times

A business plan not too big to fail: A New York City pedicab will bike you around midtown Manhattan for $300 an hour, with your own pole and pole-dancer on the back. New York Post

A 13-yr-old F-Stater was arrested two weeks ago (according to this announcement last Friday) for disturbing class, which mainly included "continually" "purposely" breaking wind. WPBF-TV (West Palm Beach)

Also in the F State, professional family therapist Michael Holder was arrested for applying a Homer Simpson-"Why, you little—!" hold on his stepson. St. Petersburg Times

Recurring: Another DWEC crash, this time in Woodstock, Ontario ("driving while eating cereal") (yeah, from a bowl, with a spoon). Canadian Press

Professor Music's Weird Link o' the Day
Where is PETA on this: a collection of photos of dogs that must be totally humiliated at how their owners have dyed and primped them for show. The dogs look OK, but that's either extortion or Stockholm Syndrome because this is just not right. Sandy Paws Pet Grooming Shop (Yucca Valley, Calif.) [Link from Fark.com]

Today's Newsrangers: Jason Tuller, Sandy Pearlman, Pete Randall, Scott Langill, Paul Music, Casey Burns, Bob Pert, Thom Pigaga
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