Airbag Jeans

Another addition to our growing collection of weird jeans:

Moses Shahrivar, who calls himself "The Artist Moses," has invented airbag jeans. From

The jeans... are tethered to the rider's motorcycle, and when the tether is pulled airbags deploy up and down the wearer's legs to cushion an impact.

It seems similar in concept to the wearable airbags, designed to prevent the elderly if they fall, that we've posted about before.

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Jan 27, 2021
     Category: Inventions | Denim

The last time my pants exploded . . . no, that story is better left untold.
Posted by Phideaux on 01/27/21 at 12:47 PM
There are already air bag equipped motorcycle jackets in regular use.
Posted by eddi on 01/27/21 at 10:00 PM
@eddi Those sound more useful to me. You can survive a pair of broken legs even if the ambulance is delayed a little. A ruptured spleen or collapsed pair of lungs is more of an emergency.
Posted by Richard Bos on 01/30/21 at 04:55 AM
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