Ate Torpedo

Word to the wise: don't eat random stuff you find on the pavement. It could be explosive.

Minneapolis Star Tribune - June 2, 1930

Eats July 4 Torpedo Given Him as Candy
Baltimore, June 1.— Chewing torpedoes proved to be an unhealthy pastime for Charles Boone, 57, of Cherry Hill. He is recovering from the effects in a hospital.
George Boone, a son of the injured man, found a torpedo of the Fourth of July variety near the Washington boulevard. While walking along with his father this morning he gave it to him and the latter bit into it, thinking it was candy.
The next thing he knew, he was on the operating table.
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I know this was the Depression, but how hungry do you have to be?
Posted by Brian on 07/04/17 at 08:16 PM
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