The bank robber who waited

June 1997: When a bankrobber demanded money, the teller told him to wait while she got it. She kept him waiting for 20 minutes, until the police arrived.

I'm pretty sure banks now instruct their employees to give robbers the money, rather than trying anything like this.

Miami Herald - June 10, 1997

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Argosy magazine had a regular column called "Disorganized Crime" covering things like this. (1960s-70s?)

A teller made a robber sign a receipt for the money he was stealing, and then he had to provide an ID to match the signature.

One I'll never forget is the guy who had a little personalized tag on his keyring so it could be returned if he ever lost his keys. The only time he was known to lose them was when he laid them on the counter while he was robbing a bank and forgot to take them when he left. The cops were waiting for him when he finally found a way home.

I really felt a little sorry for the guy who wrote a hold-up note on the back of an envelope but forgot to first take out the letter from the bank threatening to foreclose on his house if he didn't make a payment soon.

Today's criminals aren't any smarter. I think every city now has one or two officers combing through social media for people posting about their crimes, even putting up videos!

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