Bearded Beanies

Available on etsy, for those who think their cherub would look just adorable, if only he/she had a beard!

Found this via a blog called sad etsy kids, which is devoted to collecting pictures of kids who don't look like they're enjoying modeling their parents' creations.
     Posted By: Alex - Tue May 01, 2012
     Category: Fashion | Headgear

Now, if you could get his buddies to tell him that it's cool; well..... then it would be OK!

Until then, however, the lower half of his face can freeze clean off before he's'a'gonn'a wear that!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 05/01/12 at 09:54 AM
As a kid, given the chioce between a full force beating or having to wear that to school, I'd take the beating anyday. It would hurt far less in the long run.
Posted by Baughbe on 05/01/12 at 11:50 AM
I'd like to put a more positive spin on this...

Teach him to sing the "Lumberjack Song". He can entertain his friends for hours.

"Oh, Bevis! And I thought you were so butch!"
Posted by KDP on 05/01/12 at 05:14 PM
Um, home schooled? I can bet you dollars to donuts his buddies ain't gonna say its cool...ever.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 05/01/12 at 05:25 PM
Some of the kids on this site look sadder than the orphans from those "Feed a kid for a dollar a day" campaigns. And some of those "creations"- what are they? I don't even-
Posted by Meringue on 05/15/12 at 03:27 PM
My six year old son would wear this hat everywhere if he had it lol. He likes costumes and stuff tho. Kids. Smh.
Posted by Shayna on 05/17/12 at 04:31 PM
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