Biting, Hoarding, Offense-Taking

and the Afternoon Edition of Chuck's News of the Weird Daily for Monday

Angry dogs (lacking fists) have no choice but to bite, but then sometimes angry humans prefer biting, like this Pennsylvania man who was stewing about Obama (or this Univ. of Florida fan who was ticked that her husband had dissed the Gators). Times Leader (Wilkes-Barre) /// WJXT-TV (Jacksonville)

A hard life's work: 73 yrs old, a house with 100 tons of rubbish (including six dog skeletons). (Bonus: As the local gov't cleaning crew was called in, he got all upset with a neighbor for being critical of his untidiness.) Daily Mail

Little House on the Prairie reruns on TV in Finland must be rated "adults only" (Seriously) (But only because the gov't charges producers too much money to screen each program and put an age rating on it, so if you bypass that, you get "adults only"). Reuters

Recurring and recurring: Another British local council (Salisbury) says that from now on, everybody use "colour visual impairment" because the common term for that would offend blind people (whereupon the Royal Nat'l Institute for the Blind got offended that anyone would think such a stupid thing would offend them). Daily Telegraph

Best Weekend Mugshots: Not sure about the specific crime (but it probably wasn't "tax fraud on collateralized adjusted debt obligations") [The Smoking Gun] /// Once again, Chattanooga street meat (especially numbers 8 and 10) [The Chattanoogan]

Professor Music's Weird Link o' the Day
The Craziest Shoes from Around the World (from "Barbara"'s blog) Part One /// Part Two

Today's Newsrangers: Ian Pert, Ginger Katz, Candy Clouston, Mindy Cohen, Stephen Taylor, John Lovern, Jay Sokolow, Perry Levin, Scott Schrier, Keith Yearman
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