Bohemian Rhapsody Muppet Style—viral!!

Here's another Muppet piece which has gone viral in just a few days. If you missed it, here is all the gang waxing bohemian!!

Three million hits in just three days -- top that!! Favorite characters?
     Posted By: gdanea - Thu Nov 26, 2009
     Category: Music

Animal, definitely, but Dr. Teeth is a close second.
Posted by venomlash on 11/26/09 at 05:31 PM
Well, the best muppet of all time is Zoot, but since this Bohemian Rhapsody doesn't have a saxophone part (and Zoot doesn't talk much), he doesn't get much screen time in this one...
Posted by Salamander Sam in Chicago on 11/26/09 at 09:59 PM
i love animal too! hey, did anybody see the 'chappel show' with snoop dog where they had faux muppets called crabs, gonorrhea ect.(can't remember them all) freakin' hillarious!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 11/26/09 at 10:58 PM
comment away mark comments are always welcome here! also, anything that makes you happy is not ridiculous. there's not nearly enough happiness in this world.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 11/27/09 at 05:17 PM
On an odd note, did anyone else notice that Gonzo's nose needs to be fixed. The foam inside it seems to be showing through.
Posted by Alassirana on 11/27/09 at 08:56 PM

'Nuff said
Posted by DownCrisis on 12/02/09 at 01:12 AM
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