California’s Serious Draught

Scott Allen Meek is running for President, and he's not afraid to call attention to serious issues. For instance, right at the top of his campaign website he points out that "California is in it's 5th year of a Serious Draught."

He's the only candidate I'm aware of who's ever drawn attention to this problem, but as a California resident, I can confirm that it's absolutely true. Sometimes it gets so draughty here that I have to put on a sweatshirt. And as someone who's spent quite a bit of time in the UK, I appreciate his use of the British spelling of the word.

Other issues important to Meek include the promotion of desalination and hemp farming.
     Posted By: Alex - Sun Mar 13, 2016
     Category: Politics | Strange Candidates

And yet we hear nothing about who is running for president of Texas... Just the ones running for the US and now the California spot.
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 03/13/16 at 11:15 AM
I still envision the new country of NewTexZona, or another UMonKotas where PCness is outlaw, politicians are fed into a fiery pit after their 2ed term, and invaders from other countries are shot on sight.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 03/13/16 at 12:04 PM
Problem possibly caused by too much draught beer.
Posted by Virtual on 03/13/16 at 02:30 PM
Is this the guy who's going to inherit the earth?
Posted by ges on 03/13/16 at 10:38 PM
It's its not it's; it's is it is.
Posted by A Nonny Mouse on 03/14/16 at 09:18 AM
If it's it's should have been its then we could say that its it's wasn't its correct its in the first place.

And, BTW, that new country under Canada should have been IMonKotas not UMonKotas.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 03/14/16 at 10:53 AM
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