Captain Marvel, 116 times

It’s not official yet, but Steve Ruppel appears to have gained the Guinness world record for “most cinema productions attended - same film.” Put more clearly, that’s the record for watching the same film, again and again, in a cinema. Ruppel has watched Captain Marvel 116 times since its release on March 7.

Ruppel said that when he first heard Guinness kept such a category "I thought it was the most insane thing ever, I thought it was impossible. I wasn't even sure why it was even a record, but I thought after a while, 'I should probably do that.'" I like how his thought process progressed from 'it's insane' to "I should do that."

The previous (and officially still current) holder of this record was Anthony ‘Nem’ Mitchell who watched Avengers: Infinity War 103 times when it came out in 2018. With Avengers: Endgame coming out this weekend, I wonder if Mitchell will take the opportunity to regain his title.

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     Posted By: Alex - Thu Apr 25, 2019
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When I was much, much younger I sat through four showings over five days of the movie Grease. It was summer and I did not have a job. However, I have to wonder what these dudes do for a living and why they want to spend that much time outside of therapy sessions watching the same movie repeatedly.

agent j
Posted by agent j on 04/25/19 at 09:25 AM
First time I encountered this was the kids who watched Star Wars time after time after time...

Harder to see the point now (other than record chasers) as you can get the video in a few months now.
Posted by crc on 04/25/19 at 09:49 AM
I wonder if Guinness assigns an observer to sit thru these movies over and over with these idiots. Maybe they use an electronic ankle monitor or chain them to a special seat.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 04/25/19 at 12:02 PM
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