Chuck’s Departure

Naturally, when Chuck informed Alex and me earlier of his decision to retire, we were heartbroken--just as all of his readers are showing themselves to be.

And yet, once the dust of that explosive announcement settled, Alex and I realized--just as all of his readers must--that Chuck's long, invaluable, joyous service would remain forever an inspiration, and that no one deserved more accolades and more congratulations and more good wishes for a long and fruitful post- NOTW lifetime than he did! So, Chuck, please consider those warm feelings and congratulations delivered in spades!

Of course, after all this, Alex and I still faced the question of whether to keep Weird Universe going. We decided to give it a go, for as long as readers keep coming and seem to enjoy what we do.

The blog has not been diminished by one-third, but by more like fifty percent, with Chuck's departure. So I guess Alex and I will just have to try to fill those large shoes to some degree.

Thanks to one and all--but most of all, to Chuck, whose idea it was to do Weird Universe in the first place!
     Posted By: Paul - Sun Jun 04, 2017
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Please do keep WU going.
Posted by Steve E. on 06/04/17 at 06:21 PM
Love ya Chuck.
I'm sure some one will come along to fill his massive shoe print.
Posted by Loretta on 06/04/17 at 06:45 PM
I've read Chuck since maybe the 80s, in the local alt-weekly. Besides reading him here, I reread the NotW highlights in Funny Times every month. He will be missed.

I wish him a long, happy, and well-deserved retirement. Thanks for all the years of weird, Chuck!
Posted by Bill the Splut on 06/04/17 at 07:55 PM
This is a daily stop for me even if I don't comment very often. It is a joyful mix of history, commentary and of course, weird news. I hope you are able to keep going for years.
Posted by eddi on 06/04/17 at 09:50 PM
Love you Chuck, 10 years I've been reading the column religiously. Thank you for the millions of laughs. I hope the rest of you will keep WU going for a few million more.
Posted by The man with no face on 06/04/17 at 10:38 PM
I've followed Chuck since the beginning and thank him for sharing his fascination with the weird. I hope the torch can be carried forth by Alex and Paul. I just can't imagine the day when WU gets archived under "No Longer Weird."
Posted by Dawn on 06/05/17 at 01:14 AM
I wish Chuck a good retirement and plenty of health. Also, I'm glad that Weird Universe will keep going; there are too much webpages that I like that closed or just stopped posting anything new over the years. I wish that the two remaining soldiers working on this webpage will soon hire one or two people to help them and work on the News Of The Weird website (or at least, continue the Sunday column with the weird news on this website). Chuck's departure shows how important it is to plan your own replacement, and this website's continuation shows how good it is when you do. Good rest of your life, Chuck!
Posted by Yudith on 06/05/17 at 05:48 AM
Chuck is going to retire to Floriduh!?! I suppose it's only fitting that he ends up there. Good luck, Chuck, and never lose your sense of irony.
Posted by KDP on 06/05/17 at 07:48 AM
Thank you for continuing to keep it up. I've loved this for years and years and even though I retired to Georgia, not Florida, I certainly hope all the best for Chuck.
Posted by Ed on 06/05/17 at 07:53 AM
Hang on if you would. I'll be back everyday until you decide enough is enough.
Posted by Big Mike on 06/05/17 at 09:47 AM
Thanks for sharing all these great reasons to keep a safe distance away from others. You will be in my RSS feed until you quit. Don't be quitters. There is only going to be more insanity as more people are stupid. I appreciate knowing what end of the Bell Curve I occupy by reading about the other end. (My turns coming.)
Posted by John on 06/05/17 at 10:05 AM
Chuck's column is the reason I've developed a lifelong taste for weird news. Thanks for all the laughs and indignation and confusion, Chuck.
Posted by PupTentacle on 06/05/17 at 10:51 AM
Oh goodness, when I first saw the headline "Chuck's departure" I thought he might be dead.

Glad you're not dead Chuck, and happy retirement 😊

And I hope the site continues, I greatly enjoy it!

Posted by Courtney on 06/05/17 at 08:04 PM
Happy retirement!

You guys keep doing what you do!

Thanks 😊
Posted by Winkel on 06/05/17 at 09:13 PM
At least it was the right kind of departure; you had me scared for a minute. Chuck gave us decades of mirth; I used to have to dig for weird, and he brought us one-stop shopping.

I think I've been following Chuck since he first got syndicated; he doggedly ferreted out the right kind of weird, and it was very comforting to know there were kindred spirits out there.

Have a blast in retirement, Chuck. I know you'll find the weird in any situation.

Thanks for everything. You'll always be welcome back.
Posted by Harvey on 06/06/17 at 07:53 PM
Please keep it going, guys!
Posted by David Plechaty on 06/16/17 at 01:11 AM
Best wishes Chuck. I have been following Weird U. and News of the Weird for years. Thanks for all the laughs and the not-infrequent moments of stupefied bewilderment.
Posted by BoydinNL on 06/27/17 at 02:06 PM
Dear Chuck

I can't tell you what an inspiration n.o.t.w. and weird universe has been to me. I am so saddened to hear of your retirement but alas, you must do what you must. Take care of yourself and enjoy that Florida sun. Best of wishes. Noah
Posted by Noah Greenop on 07/03/17 at 07:39 AM
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