Chuck’s Hand-Picked Overnight Weird News for Wednesday

Leading economic indicator
Expected budget deficit for U.S. for fiscal 2009: $482B; expected budget surplus for Iraq at end of 2008: $79B. New York Times
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The good old days for British hospitals were when they only had to worry about C.difficile and MRSA
Over the last 2 yrs, 100 of the 171 public hospitals reported a total of 20,000 cases of ants, rats, mice, fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, or maggots. Seventy of the 100 had to call pest-control an average of 25x a year. Daily Telegraph (London)
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"Spam king" at least now knows thine own self
"Here's my dysfunction," he confessed to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "No one clapped at my high school graduation. Maybe [prison for sending spam] is not how I want to be famous, but [my thinking was], 'At least people know who I am.'" (Also, he has Tourette's and attention-deficit, obsessive-compulsive, and oppositional-defiant disorders.) He pleaded guilty and will serve almost 4 yrs, starting soon. And, "I'm not minimizing what I did, but the fact is, it is just an e-mail. [Get] a spam filter. You can get them for free." Seattle Post-Intelligencer
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Accusations of sex abuse trail doctor
The NY Times this morning lays out its investigation of the much-heralded pediatrician Melvin Levine, who developed a ground-breaking approach to teaching slow-learning kids. According to several patients over the yrs, Dr. Levine was also ground-breaking about assuring that his little patients' wee-wees were in working order, requiring parent-less, full-body physicals not just on the initial visit. There were earlier complaints, but because of Levine's star status, the hospitals just shrugged. Now, there are four lawsuits. New York Times
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Gun-collecting twirp now also accused of tackiness
Collin McKenzie-Gude, freshly graduated from a D.C. private school, with supportive parents in an upscale Bethesda, Md., neighborhood, had a major arsenal in his bedroom, and cops are investigating. (Yesterday, it came out that he also had a map of Camp David, a motorcade map for President Bush, and a to-do list of sniper-type things.) Now it comes out that right before the first home search in July, Collin allegedly tried to jack a car at an upscale mall in Bethesda, but failed (accidentally leaving his cellphone behind), and . . the car was a Geo Prizm! Washington Post
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Your Daily Loser
Carlos Gutierrez is all over the news [Ed.: which usually means you won't read it on Weird Universe, and you certainly won't read about the next instance of someone's calling 911 for a ridiculous reason, because I'm No Longer Weird'ing it. Far too many cases, like this guy who called to say Subway didn't make his sandwich spicy enough.] After an unsuccessful session with a casino's slot machine, Gutierrez called to say that the machine had "robbed" him. After a lecture by the dispatcher, he agreed that it was wrong for him to call. He hung up, then apparently stewed over it for another 30 seconds or so, and called 911 again! Tampa Tribune
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People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
The late Australian Geoffrey Braunack, 47, died almost 4 yrs ago in a bondage game gone wrong. Well, that's what his lover Jean Meiers says, and she's on trial this week for manslaughter. Police testified that when they arrived on the scene, she said Geoffrey had been badgering her for hours to do him up "like she used to." She finally relented. "I told the f***ing idiot he wouldn't get out of this one." The Australian
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Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict must be based on mugshot only]
Matthew Rivera, 27, might have walked into a North Carolina lingerie store with a play-like Play-Doh bomb and taken a hostage WRAL-TV (Raleigh)
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More Things to Worry About on Wednesday
Government in Inaction: D.C. and Virginia, having posted their old drivers' tickets online, kinda didn't remember that the old versions of their licenses contained Social Security numbers, so go steal 'em while they're hot . . . . . A driver's veering into oncoming traffic in Cass County, Minn., might have been caused by speeding, or alcohol, or the fact that he was text-messaging . . . . . A female cop in Germany has designed a bullet-resistant bra (though it sounds like she was mainly interested in a garment that would cushion her breasts from that damned vest they have to wear) . . . . . Latest thriving industry in New York City: kindergartens and private elementary schools for the masses of newly-rich parents who can't get their urchins into the actual top schools . . . . . The University of Melbourne has awarded its first doctorate in the study of, er, UFO's.
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Editor's Notes
An error yesterday: The Chinese ox pendant is designed not to save Rat Year people from Horse Year people, but the reverse. The ox distracts the rat so it won't spook the horse. Or, something like that. Today's Newsrangers: Tom Sullivan, Hal Dunham, Bob Adams, Matt Hillman, Scott Langill, Tim Trewhella, Troy Hauschild
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