Crazy People

Could be the WU theme song.

Info from wikipedia:

The Boswell Sisters were an American close harmony singing trio of the jazz and swing eras, consisting of three sisters: Martha Boswell (June 9, 1905 – July 2, 1958), Connee Boswell (original name Connie, December 3, 1907 – October 11, 1976), and Helvetia "Vet" Boswell (May 20, 1911 – November 12, 1988). Hailing from uptown New Orleans, the group was noted for their intricate harmonies and song arrangements featuring numerous effects such as scat, instrumental imitation, ‘Boswellese’ gibberish, tempo and meter changes, major/minor juxtaposition, key changes, and incorporation of sections from other songs. They attained national prominence in the United States in the 1930s during the twilight years of the Jazz Age and the onset of the Great Depression.
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This one is far weirder: "Cow, don't be a Bolshevik."
Posted by ges on 11/13/21 at 09:34 PM
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