Cut Out Styles

The trendy new thing is to look like your clothes are falling apart. "Cut out" styles below are from Carmar Denim. They seem similar in spirit to the Thong Jeans we posted about back in 2017.

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Jan 03, 2019
     Category: Fashion

One source for the costume designers responsible for dressing zombies.

agent j
Posted by agent j on 01/03/19 at 09:10 AM
Fashion designers I get, because they are....(fill in your own slam comments). But seriously folks, please tell me ladies are not actually paying money for these ludicrous designs.
Posted by Steve E. on 01/03/19 at 06:27 PM
Better stay indoors wearing all that. Or beware: tan lines from hell!
Posted by Jessica on 01/04/19 at 08:42 AM
I've worn shirts with holes and pants with rips for years! I didn't know I was fashionable!
Posted by Pops on 01/04/19 at 04:06 PM
Guys, Carmar Denim didn't leave us out! No.2 above is from their "Menswear" collection. They also have a lovely shirt dress with a peek-a-boo seam, modeled by the same gal, here:
Apparently, there are no actual males on the planet these folks inhabit.
Posted by Virtual on 01/06/19 at 06:57 AM
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