Darwin’s Point

Do you have a Darwin's point? According to wikipedia (which refers to it as "Darwin's tubercle"), about 10% of the population has one:

The feature is present in approximately 10.4% of the population. This acuminate nodule represents the point of the mammalian ear. This atavistic feature is so called because its description was first published by Charles Darwin in the opening pages of The Descent of Man, as evidence of a vestigial feature indicating common ancestry among primates. However, Darwin himself named it the Woolnerian tip, after Thomas Woolner, a British sculptor who had depicted it in one of his sculptures and had first theorised that it was an atavistic feature.

In some people, such as myself, the point projects outwards rather than inwards, making a kind of elf ear. My wife calls mine my "Spock ear."

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Jun 30, 2012
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May Scottie's beam always be true, Alex.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 06/30/12 at 11:34 AM
Hey, I have this on my right ear. Maybe. I have more of a notch than a bump, but I can see it being the same thing. Never gave it a thought, just aware of it when washing my ears, etc., right? Then one day, I'm sitting there, holding my hours-old firstborn, in awe while admiring the little miracle, checking her over, and before my mind actually registers the reaction, I see a little notch in her little ear, and realize my finger is already up to my own ear's familiar notch. Hard to explain the feeling. Dad bonding. :D
Posted by A Mindful Webworker on 06/30/12 at 02:26 PM
That is one of life's beautiful moments MW, something to treasure.
OOO Alex, sexy!!!!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 06/30/12 at 10:13 PM
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